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Brief Introduction of Acharya Dr. Mohit Shukla

Whenever there were miseries and chaos, almighty has always sent some divine person on earth to protect the human kind. In the present times Acharya Dr. Mohit Shukla has devoted his life for the welfare of the society. Acharya Dr. Mohit Shukla is the youngest person to who speaks extempore on any Astro & Vedic topic. He was born in Hazratganj, Lucknow on the auspicious occasion of yoga of astrology. He was spiritually inclined from the very young age at 9 years. Lord Hanuman himself appeared before him and bestowed him with the knowledge of Astrology and Vastrushastra . When he arrived the age of 11, he kept the fast doing Navratri without taking any cereals or fruits and thus worshiped the fifth incarnation of Lord Shiva i.e. Rudravtar Sri Kaalbhairav, day & night. Sri Kaalbhairav also appeared before him and blessed him with the knowledge of all the four Vedas.

At the age of 16 Acharya ji established the first ever temple of Sri Kaalbhairav at his ancestors house in Hazratganj and on this occasion the Head Priest of the Sri kaalbhairav temple at Kashi greeted him with good wishes and bright future. At this age Acharya ji also got published a 400 pages huge book named "Satyamev Kaalbhairavah” which was praised by the Governor of U.P. Late Mr. Vishnukant Shastri, Acharya Dr.Mohit Shukla has also written some other books among which a book titled "Shodash Sanskar Ki Vaigyanikta" and other are "Jyotish Mein Rahu Ketu ki Avadharna- Ek Anusheelan" and many other books are praise worthy like Sanskrit book ‘Sanskritkavyeshu Nadinaam samikshaatmakadhayanam’, and other hindi books ‘Maharshi Dayanand avam Swami Vivekananad ke Saikshik Vicharon ka Tulnatmak Adhayan’ & ‘Samsamyaik Paripeksh Mein Maharshi Dayanand Sarashwati ka shaswat Avdaan- Ek Samikshatmak Adhayan’.

Sri Mohit ji also presented his lecture for two hours continuously with the most honrable Shankracharya ji Maharaj in the year 2000 at Lakshman Mela Park in Lucknow. After this Acharya ji delivered several well researches lecture in different states in India as in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil-Nadu , Maharashtra, Delhi etc. He has been sent to many places at the Government’s expenditure by U.P. Govt. His name is being considered for nomination to "Padma Shri Award."

Acharya Dr.Mohit Shukla has been imparting vedic education to the poor and orphaned children continuously for the last 5 years in Srimad Dayanand Bal Sadan, Motinagar, Lucknow. He has been working for over and months for the upliftment of the minorities, poor and down trodden. Whenever there was any emergency situation, he himself went by place to the aggrieved person and get rid of their miseries. He has so many devotes in USA, Canada, London, UAE, France, South Africa, Singapore, Muscat, Dubai, Nepal Tundra etc.

He has helped through astrological remedies many childless couples to have children, for the improvement of the financial condition of the poor and has also cured so many people who suffering from deadly diseases etc. He has also removed through astrological remedies the obstacles in a happy married life or even the problems faced by many in marriage. He performed so many "Vijay Yajna" just to benefit people in competitions.

Dr. Mohit Shukla the welfare of people is his prime object and for his services to mankind. He has been awarded with so many titles as Satyashrami, Ved Manishi, Jyotish Shiromani, Jyotis Gaurav, Devagya Siromani, Daivagyashri, Raj Jyotishi, Adya Dayanand, Arya Bhairav, Trikal Bhairav, Raj Jyotishi, Jyotish Ratna, Ved Ratna, Arya Ratna etc.

Govt. of India, the Governer of U.P., The State Government of Kerala, Vice Chancellor of Lucknow University, Lot of Member of parliament, Gayatri Parivar, Mayor of Lucknow, UP Mahotsava 2009 awarded him with gold medals and etc.

He has got the name and fame in South Africa, Singapore, UAE, London, Canada and even in USA where he has been invited "WORLD ASSOCIATION FOR -VEDIC STUDIES", Washington, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, North America of Brahman Samaj, New York etc.

He has also been elected as a Permanent member of World Association for Vedic Studies USA. He has also represented his country in many International Conferences and his made India & Indians proud. He has achieved "Best Speech Award" in International Seminar In Singapore on 23rd June, 2016.

Acharya Dr. Mohit Shukla has been a topper in the department of Astrology, Lucknow University. He completed his formal education in Astrology for the full five years from Lucknow University. During this he topped the Bachelors program in the department of Astrology and after that he studies for another two years for Master program in the same department and secured first division. He also obtained "Acharya" degree from the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi by studying through ancient education system. He has also Topper of M.Phil. in Sanskrit from University of Lucknow. He has achieved many other degrees like B.Ed., M.Ed. from Lucknow University and BLIS from Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Allahabad. He has awarded Ph.D. & D.Sc. degree in Astrology and Vastu from Kolkata, West Bengal. He has also awarded second Ph.D. in Sanskrit from Lucnkow Campus of Central Sanskrit University, New Delhi.

Acharya ji has done 'Diploma in Yoga Teacher' from UGC Approved Maharishi Dayanand Yoga Sansthan, New Delhi.

On the 26th August, 2007 when Acharya Dr. Mohit Shukla was performing a "Pran Pratistish Puja" in the month of shravan a divine light, emerged and merged into the "Shiva Linga". The pictures of the same divine event were recorded and a program on this was shown on India T.V. and published in many newspapers.

Acharya Dr. Mohit Shukla is a Founder President of a ‘Atma Bodhayan Vedic Shodh Sansthan’, which has registered by Government of Uttar Pradesh (Regi.No.1836/01) in the year of 2001. Acharya ji also a Published a 'Vaidik Darshan' News Paper in 2011, he has a Owner, Founder, Publisher and Editor of this News Paper which has been registered by the Government of India (RNI No. UPHIN/2011/42240).

On 5th March 2015 Dr. Mohit Shukla also honoured by Lucknow Police by the post of 'Special Police Officer' for great Social Work. Acharya Dr.Mohit Shukla has given best sacraments to his elder son Pradyumna Shukla, when his son only 4 years he has learned many Ved Mantras and recitation on stage. When his son Pradyumna Shukla has only 5 years then he has being facilitated with the award of Vedic Mantra’s recitation at International Astrology Confrence, Singapore. After that Pradyumna also achieved ‘UP Ratna – Award’. & giving his programs in various states of India like Delhi, Maharashtra, Assham, Meghalaya, Ladhakh, Jammu & Kashmir etc.

It is not only difficult but also impossible to describe Acharya Dr. Mohit Shukla’s personality in words. His future plans include to build a Vedic University where students can be educated Vedic culture, Such education will enable them to teach the world about the oldest literature of the world i.e., the four Vedas, and India is once again known in the world as the one only spiritual guru to the modern world.

Acharya Dr. Mohit Shukla also administered various social work organization with these posts :-

  • Founder President - Atmabodhayan Vedic Shodh Sansthan (Regd.)
  • Founder Chairman - Sri Kaalbhairav Astrological Study & Consultation Centre
  • State President - Akhil bhartiya Jyotish Vastu Association, India
  • State President - shri Balveer Samarth Vipra Samiti (Regd.)
  • Lucknow Governer - All India Navyug Astrologers Federation (Regd.)
  • Life Member - WAVES (Wider Association for Vedic Studies) Regd.
  • Senior Chief Editor - ‘Avadh Prakash’ National Hindi weekly news paper
  • Editor/owner – ‘Vaidik Darshan’ National Hindi News Paper
  • First Group Admin - Vikas Nagar Lucknow Police Station WhatsApp Group
  • Former Vice President – UP District Accredited Journalist Association

Acharya Dr.Mohit Shukla has above 28 years of experience in astrology field. His special presentation in various TV news channels like ABP news, India TV, Gulistan news, K news, JK news 24×7, News 24, News 18, Etv Uttar Pradesh and star news etc. He has Specialist of Astrology, Palmistry, Horoscope, Vastu Shashtra, Numerology, Face reading, Signature Reading, Tarot Cards, Angel Tarot Card, Gem Stones, Pendulum Dowsing, Reiki-Healing and Vedic Anusthan etc. Please take appointment on phone no.-8400830000, 9305512426, 9415582391, 91-522- 4073512 before meeting.